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The solid ration of SOS Vitta was developed with the latest technology and manufactured with highly selected ingredients for each pack of 550gr Achieving 10.000kj, which are required by existing laws.
Product approved by the Navy of Brazil DPC N 211.021/2013.
Developed and produced in partnership with Cereal Chocotec, Institute of Food Technologies - ITAL prescription patented by the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI)
It became one of the best of Survival Rations Solid in the world
To provide a balanced diet for survival at sea worldwide. Approved for use on board the lifeboats and liferafts. The high quality packaging also includes instructions for use in three different languages.
* Eat straight from the pack.
• Net Weight 500g net
• 10,300 kJ / 2500 kcal.
• 2 layer of aluminum foil packaging.
• 60 months of life
• Exceeds SOLAS requirements DPC.
Has the highest rate possible for a balanced diet in relation to volume.
Each package of 500 gr carefully sealed the evidence of any infiltration, containing six pills of emergency food rations with food Bludgers and pills, vacuum packed with approx. 90 g each.
• Package: 6 capsules packed
• Box: 16 units of 500 grams, net 8 kg / 8.800 kg gross / 0.017 m3
• Pallet: 55 boxes / units.660 1320 kg Net / Gross 726 kg / m3 1.19 incl. pallet. Shrink-wrapped
60 (Sixty months) unconditionally from the date of manufacture indicated on the package.

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